Consolidated, Online Insurance Health Comparison and Telemedicine for Easy Access to Policies and Services

What Is e Insurance Health?

e insurance health is a way to store your life and health insurance policies in a single, consolidated view. It also allows you to access your policies online from anywhere.

It is easy to use and provides a clear comparison of health insurance plans on a detailed level. You can choose to compare up to four plans on the main quote screen.


Many health care providers are now using telemedicine to offer services to their patients. This technology allows doctors to perform diagnostic and monitoring services via videoconferencing. It has been developed for several purposes, including dental, counseling, and home health. It also has been used to monitor the conditions of chronically ill patients.

The telemedicine service can save patients time and money by allowing them to avoid long commutes to the doctor’s office. It can also be beneficial to those living in rural areas. It is important to remember that telemedicine does not replace physician office visits for all healthcare situations. For example, it is not appropriate for a patient who has symptoms of a heart attack or stroke.

Although telemedicine is becoming more widely available, there are still some barriers to its adoption. For one, insurance companies often have different rules and guidelines for telemedicine. It is best to check with the individual insurer before requesting a visit.


A prescription is a written instruction for medicine that a licensed doctor gives to his or her patient. A prescription usually includes the name of the doctor, office address, and telephone number. It also lists the medication, dosage, and frequency of administration. The prescription may also contain other important information, such as warnings and instructions on how to take the medicine.

Health insurance plans often have restrictions on how much you can spend on medicine. These are called cost-cutting tools and might include prior authorization (PA) or utilization management restrictions. The PA process requires your doctor to answer clinical questions and submit chart notes before the plan will approve your medicine.

People enrolled in Part D have a special enrollment period (SEP) that lets them change plans once per calendar quarter during the first nine months of the year. This applies to full benefit dual eligibles, people on a Medicare Savings Program (MSP), and those who are LIS-eligible.


Doctors, or physicians, are licensed health professionals who maintain and restore human health. They examine patients, review their medical histories, diagnose illnesses and injuries and prescribe treatment. They also counsel patients on health and wellness. They have a strong commitment to continuing education and research.

A physician’s office includes non-physician staff, such as nurses and physician assistants, who assist doctors with patient care and administrative tasks. These employees may also manage the business aspects of the practice, such as billing, reception and laboratory and X-ray services.

The company eHealth provides online access to individual and group health insurance, including Medicare Advantage plans, prescription drug coverage and dental and vision care. It has enrolled more than five million people in health insurance coverage and has partnerships with 180 healthcare companies. Its large staff helps customers with the application process, and can answer questions about coverage and billing. It can even act as an advocate for its customers by negotiating with the insurance companies on their behalf.

Small business

Small businesses can offer a range of group health insurance plans to their employees. These options are often budget-friendly and can help employers meet minimum essential coverage (MEC) requirements under the Affordable Care Act. They may also have tax advantages. In addition to traditional group health insurance, small employers can opt for a health reimbursement arrangement or a health stipend. These arrangements are typically less expensive than traditional group health insurance, and they allow employees to choose their own coverage.

eHealthInsurance makes it easy for small business owners to compare and buy health insurance for their employees. The company offers over 180 health insurance plans from more than a dozen top insurers. The website is easy to use and includes a policy tracking feature that allows customers to track all of their policies through a single account.

The research for this article was gathered from an online poll of 5 million small businesses by Alignable, Inc. The authors of this report had an advisory role in the survey design and content, but they did not participate in the data collection process.

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