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Affordable Health Insurance for the Unemployed

Finding affordable health insurance that offers the coverage you and your family needs can be difficult enough when you are employed; finding it when you are not employed can sometimes seem impossible. There are a variety options for affordable health insurance for the unemployed.

If you have a nest egg set aside for emergencies such as paying for health care if you become unemployed, you may be interested in purchasing an individual or short term health insurance plan. If not, consider purchasing a group health insurance plan or looking into state-sponsored health care.

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How can I get a group health insurance plan without having an employer?

Group health insurance plans can be obtained through any clubs or organizations with which you are associated that offer a group health insurance plan as a member benefit. Organizations that sometimes offer group health insurance plans as benefits for members include college or university alumnae associations.

What should I look for in an individual health insurance plan?

Price is always an issue if you’re unemployed and looking for an affordable health insurance plan; however, you want to make sure the individual health insurance plan you purchase offers the exact coverage you need. Ask for specific information regarding coverage, as well as any pre-existing medical condition stipulations.

Should I consider purchasing a short term health insurance plan?

Yes. Short term health insurance plans last anywhere from six to 12 months, and are designed with unemployed individuals in mind; therefore, they are more affordable than regular individual health insurance plans.

Am I eligible for a state-sponsored health insurance plan?

If you’re unemployed, you are most likely eligible for state-sponsored health care. Aside from income requirements, some state-sponsored health care plans have eligibility requirements that include the number of individuals residing in the home, too. The best place to find more information about state-sponsored health care in your state is your state’s department of insurance.